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Flight Dynamics Engineer

We are looking for a Flights Dynamics Engineer to join our team.

The purpose of this position is to provide service to the Flight Operations Division at EUMETSAT headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Service is to be provided on-site, with maximum of 40% teleworking ratio.


The tasks will include:

  • Execution of the routine operations of the Flight Dynamics Facilities (FDF), including spacecraft orbit determination and propagation, events and ground station visibility predictions, Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) telecommand generation and telemetry monitoring.
  • Planning and execution of spacecrafts maneuvers, as well as of their evaluation, thruster calibration and maintenance of the fuel budgets estimates.
  • Contribution to the contingency operation of spacecrafts, including preparation and execution of conjunction avoidance maneuvers, recovery of routine operations, safe mode support and operation transfer to the Back-Up Control Centre.
  • Preparation and maintenance of FD operational procedures for routine, special and contingency operations, configuration maintenance and system management.
  • Performance analysis of Flight Dynamics Systems, specially focusing on the monitoring of the input to the processing of meteorological products, and implementation of enhancements as required.
  • Perform system level analyses needed for the refinement of the Flight Dynamics algorithms and optimisation of the operational configuration and implementation of enhancements as required.
  • When required by the service manager, training of team members (controllers, analysts, engineers) on basic FD operations.
  • Review of spacecraft and ground-segment technical documentation and participation in formal reviews.
  • Performance of mission and system analysis studies, preparation of technical notes and attendance at technical meetings.
  • Preparation of route reports as necessary.
  • A commitment working outside of normal service hours as required, including:
    • Standby / call-out service, and
    • Shift work / weekend work.

The candidate shall have the following attributes and skills:

  • A University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline.
  • Knowledge of the analytical principles for orbit determination and control.
  • Experience with the routine operations of operational Flight Dynamics systems for LEO and/or GEO satellites.
  • Experience with the preparation and validation of operational Flight Dynamics systems for LEO and/or GEO satellites.

Furthermore, it would be a distinct advantage for the key person to have experience with some of the following:

  • Knowledge of NAPEOS and Orekit SW.
  • Familiarity with the AOCS of Low Earth orbiting satellites.
  • Experience with conjunction analysis systems.
  • Familiarity with configuration control practices for operational software.
  • Skills in the area of software development and validation.
  • Experience with one or more of the following: Java, Python, TCL, Fortran.
  • Familiarity with statistical and graphical analysis tools.

The key person shall be able to conduct all activities in an orderly and disciplined manner, demonstrating analytical approach and attention to detail and shall be able to work calmly and correctly under stress and without supervision.


Interested applicants should submit their CV and Cover Letter in Europass format,
either through the website or by emailing the WGS recriutment team at
Please submit your application before 07/03/2023.

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February 20, 2023
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